crafted by photobiz

Portrait Perfection

"I take the time personally to apply
 specialty artwork to all of my images,
 to guarantee you the perfect portrait. "

After the photo session is completed and we have selected your portrait, I turn to my fine art background personally applying numerous hours of artwork by hand. I use my own style and place my own special touches of what I feel is important and will give my images the look I have created to be my artwork.

As an expertly trained artist my vision is a timeless image that will stay within your family for generations
to come. Every image I capture goes through
a delicate process of hand-finishing that
requires an acute sensitivity to detail, combined
with the mastered art of subtlety. I want you
to love the way you look in your portrait,
and be proud to hang it on display in you home.

Nothing in my retouching art will ever stand out.

I will work one on one with you, and take requests
for anything about your image you wish
custom retouched to your liking.

My inspiration and joy as a portrait artist comes from providing you with fine art portraits of your loved ones, done to exceed your highest expectations.

My images are printed on long-life papers carefully mounted and then sprayed with a uv-protectant.